Welcome to the DataRight Plus Initiative!

An initiative to extend and expand the Consumer Data Right beyond the mandate

What and Why?

The DataRight Plus (DR+) initiative is a community project to introduce enhancements and new features into the Consumer Data Right ecosystem.

While the Data Standards Body develops the binding Standards for the Consumer Data Right it is, by virtue of being a legislatively binding technical implementation, relatively slow moving and constrained by the Rules setting process. This is also combined with what all participants are able (and willing) to achieve within their individual technical environments.

DataRight Plus aims to provide an incubator for feature enhancements beyond the mandated obligations enabling the growth of the Consumer Data Right through open industry collaboration.


We Are

  • Focused on making the CDR better
  • Implementor first focused

We Aren't

  • Endorsed by any government body
  • Legally binding in any way
  • Intended as a replacement to the Data Standards
  • A CDR Support service, please use the Zendesk